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raising our collective consciousness



Unique strengths.

Some of us are still trying to figure out what these are.  The world bombards us with information, to-do lists, and "shoulds,"making our purpose difficult to discern.  As a result, we may feel disconnected, anxious, and frustrated.


And on top of not knowing our own unique value and strengths, we often don't recognize and misunderstand the unique value and strengths of our coworkers, family members, friends, and even the random strangers we interact with.  As a result, we feel disconnected, fearful, and frustrated as a collective.

You've come to the right place.

I have a deep desire to empower individuals and teams to discover and realize their potential, reignite their spark, develop compassion for themselves and others, and feel more centered along the journey. 


Whether working with you or your team, I would be honored to help you identify and cultivate your gifts, be more equipped to navigate the challenges we face in this life, and better understand and celebrate our beautiful human differences.  Your unique value, purpose, and strengths are there.  They're already within you.  They may be hidden.  You can find them.  Together, we'll bring them to light. ​

I look forward to discovering with you!

Raise Your Consciousness


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Bring self-care to your team at work or gather a group of your friends

for a private session

Uncover your and/or your team's strengths and dynamics with the

CliftonStrengths assessment

Can answer "what's your sign?"

but want to know more? 


Explore your star chart, a snapshot of the unique alignment of the planets and stars

when you were born




"I have had the opportunity to practice yoga with Meghan in both group practices and in-home private group practice. As a beginner, I find her way of teaching very accommodating. She also gives options for more advanced movements so you can grow. Meghan is a great instructor and you leave practice feeling great!"



"Meghan‘s guidance and insights on how to consider and utilize the information from my CliftonStrengths assessment was eye-opening and...mind-opening!


Somehow between her unique approach and the information we were able to discover and discuss, I was able to recognize and claim a major gift that I have, but had never known how to name…That I recognize strengths in other people and am able to name and celebrate those strengths with them. It’s been a game changer for me in many areas of my life including business, the way I instruct yoga, and the way I interact with family, friends, and colleagues." 



"Going into the star chart reading, I knew some very basic info about astrology, but Meghan was able to give me a clearer understanding through her in-depth explanation of several elements, and to patiently walk me through the chart when I had questions. She also helped me to dig deeper and make connections to my star chart by asking me thought provoking questions about myself. 

I felt that the reading was eerily spot on about my personality and some of my specific struggles. I would definitely recommend a reading by Meghan!"


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