​Hi, I'm Meghan Murray. 


A relationship builder who wants to help you (and/or your team) identify your unique strengths and values, listen to your inner voice, and pursue your purpose.  Someone who has personal experience with feeling lost and grappling with the question, "what is my purpose?"  

...someone who has wandered, too.

Your unique value, purpose, and strengths are there. 

They're already within you.  They may be hidden.  You can find them.  Together, we'll bring them to light. ​

Yoga, CliftonStrengths, and astrology all helped me to better understand my unique value, purpose and strengths whether as a student trying to identify what I should major in, a professional figuring out my career path, or as a spouse or friend trying to figure out what I bring to my relationships. These tools have been so impactful for me, and I want to share these tools with others!​

I have a deep desire to empower you to discover and realize your potential, reignite your spark, and feel more centered along the journey!  Whether working with you or your team, I would be honored to help you identify and cultivate your gifts, be more equipped to navigate the challenges we face in this life, and better understand and celebrate our beautiful human differences.

My Journey

I started college as a Biomedical Engineering major with the intention of going to medical school.  Why?  Because that was what people told me I "should" do, because I was good at math and science and it would be the "smart" thing to do.  I had no idea what engineering was and am squeamish at the sight of blood. Sounds like a perfect match.

I luckily took a few Psychology courses as electives and fell in love with the subject.  I decided to pursue graduate school to work in higher education because I loved helping students.  I worked and taught in higher education for several years, advising business and honors students.  I collected multiple certifications in personality assessments, decided to become a yoga teacher on the side, and even took some lessons in astrology.  I realized that I had a passion and gift for helping people discover their strengths and find their center.  To help them release the "shoulds" and "oughts" that society places on us.  I also realized that I had a passion and gift for helping teams to uncover and appreciate the unique strengths of their individual members as well as their unique strengths as a collective, using CliftonStrengths, MBTI, and HBDI as lenses.  To help them realize that diversity of thought and diversity of background can make a team more powerful and effective.  I was afraid to leave the certainty and security of my job at first, but I knew and finally could no longer ignore that I was being called to take the leap to start Elemental Empowerment, LLC, so I could bring healing and empowerment to more people.  So here we are. 

what you can expect from me

I have a deep sense of responsibility and follow-through.  I lead with empathy and can sense the emotions in a room. I cut through facades and adjust my energy to match what the people I'm working with need.  I use my intuition and deep curiosity of human personalities to nudge my clients toward growth.  I value and advocate for inclusion.  I ask, "Why?" and "What if...?"  I have a deep desire to empower you to discover and realize your potential...and feel more centered along the journey!

Whether working with you or your team, I would be honored to help you identify and cultivate your unique gifts, be more equipped to navigate the challenges we face in this life, and better understand and celebrate our beautiful human differences.

my "credentials"


I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach as well as a certified practitioner of both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).  I have delivered presentations at national conferences and taught classes and workshops at the university level.  I hold a B.S. in Psychology from The Ohio State University and an M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University.  I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and completed my 300RYT yoga certification at Shine Yoga. I live with my husband, Dan, and cat, Elvis, in Cincinnati, OH.

I look forward to discovering with you!