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Star Chart Readings

Image by Josh Rangel

Great gift idea! 

**virtual options available**

Can answer the"what's your sign?" question, but want to know more? 

Maybe you even know your sun, moon, and rising signs, but you're longing to know what it all means.

Maybe you don't even know what a sun sign is...and that's okay! If you're someone who is seeking to discover more about who they are, a star chart reading is a great next step.

What is a star chart? 


A star chart is a snapshot of the unique alignment of the planets and stars when you were born, taking into account date, time, and location of your birth.  Your unique arrangement tells a lot about your personality, strengths, challenges, and opportunities.​

I do not use star charts and astrology in a predictive way.  I use it more as a tool of self-exploration, similar to a personality assessment.


Your star chart can help you come closer to discovering your divine purpose.  You came into this world at the time and place that you did for a reason!​ I personally believe that God created us as unique beings and brought us into the world exactly when and where we were supposed to be born, and our star chart gives hints to some of our gifts and challenges we can choose to work through. You might have different beliefs. We can all view astrology with a different lens, and it offers some super useful information.

We will explore your star chart together, uncovering important information about your gifts and how you can work toward living your life to the fullest.


Initial Star Chart Reading:

$110 for star chart and 75-minute debrief

Follow-Up Star Chart Readings and Check-ins:

$75 per hour

Image by Jeremy Thomas


What people are saying...

"Meghan approaches her work with empathy, compassion and knowledge. She makes you feel comfortable and creates a safe space to ask questions and talk through things you might be feeling as a result of your star chart. She is extremely knowledgeable and always stays up to date on astrological news. Meghan asks very intentional and thoughtful questions that lead to great self discovery.  5 stars! 10 out of 10 would recommend!" 

--Bria H.

"Going into the star chart reading, I knew some very basic info about astrology, but Meghan was able to give me a clearer understanding through her in-depth explanation of several elements, and to patiently walk me through the chart when I had questions. She also helped me to dig deeper and make connections to my star chart by asking me thought provoking questions about myself.


I felt that the reading was eerily spot on about my personality and some of my specific struggles. I would definitely recommend a reading by Meghan!"

--Nicole M.

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