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1. CliftonStrengths

Team Workshop

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Excellent idea for retreats, team-building days, and professional development.

**virtual options available**

I work with teams to help them function better together and maximize their potential. 


This occurs when individual team members uncover and have a better understanding of and appreciation for their own strengths as well as the different strengths of their team members.

Using Gallup's CliftonStrengths* assessment, your team will leave our time together with a better understanding of how each person has a significant role, why friction has probably occurred on your team and how to reduce its impact, and how they can work together to maximize results, productivity, and efficiency.

Team members will take the assessment that reveals their top 5 or opt to receive the full rank-ordered list of the 34 possible talents with their unique order.

This can be a half-, 1-, or 2-day workshop, a week-long exploration process, or yearly event.

*Workshops for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) may be available depending on number of participants

"I was first introduced to Clifton Strengths through Meghan during an advanced Yoga Teacher training. It so intrigued me, I asked Meghan for a private session to discuss it further...As a tool for self-exploration, Clifton Strengths is insightful and encouraging with its basis in positive psychology...It is a great tool to underscore our uniqueness as individuals but also to find and explore the commonality between us all.


Meghan Murray is an excellent facilitator. She is present, knowledgeable and a pure joy to work with." 

--Rob D.

A little more about CliftonStrengths.

Gallup has created a tool to help individuals like you discover their top 5 talents. 


1 in 275,000: the odds that someone else shares the same top 5 CliftonStrengths as you

1 in 33 million: the odds that someone else shares the same top 5 CliftonStrengths as you in the same order


Grounded in positive psychology--spend energy capitalizing on your strengths, not "fixing" your weaknesses.

Individuals and teams perform better when they are empowered to use their strengths.

From Gallup's website:

"Employees who receive strengths-based development have:

  • 7% - 23% higher employee engagement

  • 8% - 18% increased performance

  • 20% - 73% lower attrition"

You can take the assessment that reveals your top 5 or opt to receive the full rank-ordered list of the 34 possible talents with your unique order.

Find out more about CliftonStrengths on Gallup's website.

2. Yoga & Mindfulness

in the Workplace

Image by Anupam Mahapatra

Great idea for retreats, team-building days, and a recurring way for employees to practice self-care!

**virtual options available**

Enhance the physical health, mental health, and attention span of your team with a beginner-friendly yoga class.


Can be set up as a one-time, weekly, or monthly occurrence.  


Length of time is up to you!  30-, 45-, and 60-minute sessions are most common.

Mindfulness exercises can be included or the main focus.

"I have had the opportunity to practice yoga with Meghan in both group practices and in-home private group practice. As a beginner, I find her way of teaching very accommodating. She also gives options for more advanced movements so you can grow. Meghan is a great instructor and you leave practice feeling great!"

--Bethany B.

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