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Handmade jewelry with meaning: an exciting addition to Elemental Empowerment, LLC! 

I started dabbling in making jewelry with crystals last year almost on a whim. However, it was a very happy whim, as I fell in love with it very quickly--I LOVE creating beautiful things with my hands and I LOVE wearing jewelry with meaning. I soon decided that I wanted to make beautiful pieces that have meaning and share them with others (you!).


Wearing these pieces of jewelry can help you be more mindful and remember a specific intention--almost like having a mantra you tell yourself any time you wear them (e.g., "I am worthy of love" or "My inner truth matters"). My hope is that these reminders and intentions help you to feel more empowered.

Looking to purchase an item that's out of stock? Interested in a custom piece? Have questions?  

I would love to talk with you!  Email me at meghan@elementalempowermentllc.com

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